Our team involved in research and development focuses on the development of new products and in enhancing production efficiencies. Our R&D efforts have proved highly successful with the company having collaborated with leading brands in the automotive sector in developing products specific to different customer applications and range of operating temperatures. Our constant investments and up scaling R and D activities reflect the Company's commitment to this important aspect of manufacturing. R and D at Makino goes beyond research on existing technologies and materials into developing friction materials for clutches and brakes. Some of the equipment at Makino's R and D centre are:

•  SAE Testing machine for Multi-plate Wet clutches
•  Test- Rig for Centrifugal clutches
•  Test-rig for CVT's
•  Test-Rig for Brakes friction material
•  TGA
•  ODR
•  Laboratory Set-up for testing chemicals
•  VBOX for On-Vehicle Testing
•  Advanced Prototyping manufacturing facilities
•  20 vehicles for testing clutches & Brake
•  In-house Facility of research and development of friction material for clutches & brakes
•  Lab-view software for controlling Testing machines
•  VBOX-Tools software on-vehicle testing data analysis