For over two decades, Makino Auto Industries Pvt. Ltd. has been the trusted name in the automotive industry. The company's product range of Automotive clutch assemblies, brake assemblies and components are amongst the category leaders in India and discerning markets of the world.
  • Established in 1990 Makino has 4 plants in India. Started as a Friction Disc manufacturer and now a complete clutch & Brake Solution Provider.

  • Experts of Automotive Clutches & Brakes (2W, 3W and 4W applications)

  • Working with major OEM in India for 2 W and 3 W applications

  • Vision is to provide technologically advanced clutches & brakes for existing and future vehicles.

  • Critical Success factor

    • Developed internal competency in complete product design, Standardized problem solving methodology, project management, tool design & manufacturing.

    • Global standard in Quality, delivery & customer support.

    • Focus on future technologies resulting into intellectual property rights.

    • Work closely with customer